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Global — Reach new markets instantly

Eliminate fraud — No chargebacks or ID theft

Just 1% — No hidden fees everi

BitChargeMe Checkout Demo
BitChargeMe Checkout Demo
  • Your solution has offered us the ability to
    accept cryptocurrencies, beforehand we didn't
    get approved because the oligarchy of corporations
    do not like our secure VPN services.”


Trusted by
hundreds of
businesses -

Our trustless solution transfers the cryptocurrency directly
to your wallet without ever storing your private keys on ours servers.

Since we do not have access to your private keys charging fees
gets tricky see How do you charge fees? on how we've solved it.

Accept crypto payments anywhere

  • On your website

    Accept crypto payments and donations from your online customers.

  • By email

    Send invoices to vendors as
    quickly and easily as sending an

  • In person

    Accept Bitcoin on your
    smartphone or tablet at your
    retail store or restaurant.

Easy integration

Our API is backwards compatible with bitpay and coinpayments

Usually no code changes are required to use our services.

Follow the conventions you're used to with BitChargeMe.


Gain access to a
$575.16 billion crypto

Accept payments from anyone in the world and get settled instantly.

Join the global blockchain financial system and take control of your money.

  • Not your keys, not your bitcoin.”

    Andreas Antonopoulos
    Bitcoin Expert

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